Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Art Bead Scene" April Monthly challenge (Украшение по заданию)

      Hello friends! Today, I’d like to show you my earrings which I’ve made for April Monthly challenge at the ArtBeadScene blog.
      Here is the amazing painting by Paul Gauguin called “Matamoe or Landscape with Peacocks” (1892). The painting is our inspiration for this month’s challenge. Gauguin is one of my favorite painters- impressionists. I always admired his choice of colors: very bright and vibrant.

       About the art beads: I made these orange glass cabochons during a glass fusion class which I took awhile ago. To make a round cab, you need to cut tiny squares of glass, glue them together, and “bake” in a special kiln.
      For the earrings, I wrapped the cabs with wire, added leaf-shaped glass beads and green barrel beads. I like how the earrings turned out: they look like some exotic fruit from the painting.

     Thank you for visiting and commenting. Please, check out my Etsy store for more unique & one-of-a-kind vintage and handmade jewelry. Yours, Oksana


  1. I love how you have turned the cabs into beads by wire wrapping. Its something to consider in the future

  2. You have managed to convey the lusciousness of the painting in a pretty minimal way, I love your earrings and, like Divya said, a great way to wire a cab!

  3. Your pretty beads certainly do look like fruit handing off a tree in Gauguin's painting

  4. Lovely earrings! They do look like little fruit!

  5. So sweet! Way to make your own art beads... they are a wonderful color of orange!

  6. Wonderfully creative stacking and I love the coral red!

  7. Оксана, привет.Очень красиво! А русских букв больше нет?

  8. That's really something extraordinary. It’s like thinking out of the box and producing this kind of excellent stuff in front of everybody. Really very impressive.

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