Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Art Bead Scene" March Monthly challenge (Украшение по заданию)

     Hello friends! Today, I’d like to show you my necklace which I’ve made for March Monthly challenge at the ArtBeadScene blog.
     Here is the beautiful and delicate painting by Marianne North called “Armed Bird's Nest in Acacia Bush, Chile” (1870). The painting is our inspiration for this month’s challenge.

     My favorite thing about the painting is its soft pastel hues. So calming… Also, when I look at the painting, I picture myself in the mountains, breathing the mountain air and enjoying the view. Wouldn’t it be perfect?
    About the art bead: I made this bead/pendant myself. It’s my very first attempt at "mastering" a Cloisonné technique. In my mind I pictured a gorgeous neon color butterfly, but it didn’t turn out this way. Not perfect, I know. But I decided it’s better to incorporate this pendant in a necklace than to hide it in a drawer. Especially, because some of its colors (yellow and blue) remind me of the colors in the painting. I also used assorted glass beads, as well as yellow jade beads, and also chalcedony periwinkle flat rounds in the necklace.

     Thank you for visiting and commenting. Please, check out my Etsy store for more unique & one-of-a-kind vintage and handmade jewelry. Yours, Oksana.


  1. wow, I laud your attempt to try cloisonne,I have heard that its quite difficult. I have done basic and crackle enamelling only once but I love it and I would like to try cloisonne one day

  2. So fresh and bright! Wonderful!